The All-Call® name was given to our wireless nurse call system to designate the ability of the software to call all staff members charged with the care of each resident. All-Call® can also easily integrate with other systems that exist in the healthcare environment. Our life-safety expertise makes us the ideal partner to help you develop and implement long-term solutions to improve your community and maximize your return on investment. Contact us for a free product demonstration.

All-Call® makes it easy to get started with your new nurse call system. 

  • Purchase or lease the All-Call® master stations.
  • Choose between bath, bed, emergency stations, or pendants.
  • Send us your programming requirements, and we will customize the All-Call® software to meet your needs.
  • Choose our simple ready to install system, or have one of our professional technicians perform the work for you.

All-Call® Wireless Nurse Call System Benefits

  • Adaptable Integration – The system runs through your browser and, unlike application software, doesn’t rely on a particular operating system and can be accessed from any computer type.
  • Visible Call Displays – Alert notifications can be seen at nurse stations, offsite computers and wall pagers.
  • Multiple Call Devices – Alerts can be immediately sent via page, email or text to smartphones, pagers or walkie-talkies.
  • Better Responsiveness – Shortens response time to residents.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction – Improves administration, staff and resident relations.
  • Reduces Noise – Eliminates loud alarms for a quieter facility.
  • Boosts Efficiency – Augments operational and staff productivity.
  • Customized Escalation – Five levels of call escalation provide facilities with a customized resident monitoring response.
All-Call Technologies Diagram

Emergency All-Call Technologies Station


When the call button is pushed, the computer sends the room number, time and date, call type and paging information to the central computer and appropriate caregiver. No resident names are displayed on the computer display in compliance with HIPPA standards. At that point, the staff is notified of the resident’s name, room, time of the alert, call type and escalation level.

Depending on the needs of a facility, there are five escalation levels that can be arranged. They are timed specifically to the escalation level assigned and are repeatable depending on how the escalation has been customized.

When a Nurse Call Station is Triggered

Here is an example of how the call escalation levels can be configured:

Level 1 – Initial call to Primary Care Staff

Level 2 – Call to previous level, plus Secondary Care Staff

Level 3 – Call to previous levels, plus Charge Nurse

Level 4 – Call to previous levels, plus Director of Nursing

Level 5 – Call to previous levels, plus Administrator

Once the call is responded to, the alerts can easily be reset at the triggering station. After a call has been answered, the data will no longer appear on the computer display to prevent unauthorized viewing. Alert notifications are then stored in the computer system for review and reporting purposes. The system also monitors itself and will notify staff of issues needing attention and allows for the reallocation of pagers for each shift.

All-CallEmergency Alert Call Device


Call stations options include – main hall, room alarm stations, bed stations with a handheld switch, bath stations with a floor pull cord, wrist and neck pendants. The system also integrates the use of motion, smoke, freeze and water detectors, manual notification of staff and timed notification for daily reminders.

Our system also comes with a one-year warranty. It has been site and factory tested and provides virtually maintenance-free operation once installed.

Because we believe strongly in the work we’ve done and the services we’re able to offer, the system also comes with a one-year warranty. It has been site and factory tested and provides virtually maintenance-free operation once installed.

If you have questions about the All-Call® Wireless Nurse Call System, contact us at 877-255-2550.